If you could design anything, what would you create?

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the theme "Be Bold. Be Free. Be You.".

Be Bold – take on challenges and concepts that are out of the ordinary and break out from conventional ways.

Be Free – there is nothing for you to lose, think beyond conservativeness and deliver ideas without boundaries.

Finally, Be You! AYDA is a platform that rewards individuality of expressions. Unleash your creativity and let us nurture it together. The Asia Young Designer Award 2016 encourages you to wow the judges with your ideas and to explore, propel, and exceed the boundaries of design, with the opportunity to leave your mark in the industry through original work.

The Challenge

Create a design that has something unique to offer design professionals, commercial buyers, and the community alike. It has to be a brave new idea that no one has ever seen, while carrying commercial value and pays careful attention to the well-being of its surrounding community. Our judges are looking for a well-thought-out design that is both phenomenal and useful, executed in bold, creative manner.


Every design submission will be carefully considered by our selected panel of judges. So unleash your ideas and design something great for your journey towards the extraordinary.