We are living in an era of innovative interventions and leading-edge advancements. The departure from our ‘comfort zone’ pushes us to challenge vernacular archetypes and present design boundaries – breaking the frontier of creativity in multiple ways. As we begin to question the surrounds and the practicalities of our daily life, we aspire to be one step ahead in pursuit of bettering the quality of living for the people in our community. We set our sights on creating new sustainable, environmental and emotional design considerations to make the world a more vibrant and colorful place.

The change for something fresh, undoubtedly, brings forth new forms of challenges and constraints. We continue to look for answers and solutions but disruptions are simply inevitable. So how can we manifest these disruptive features prospectively and positively?

In the last decade, disruptions have tremendously impacted the design industry and we have observed a recurring pattern disruptive technology and experimental tectonics has thrown the architecture and design community with a new challenging brief – to re-consider, re-think and re-create new codes of aesthetics outside of the box.

Within this new universal design language, it is rudimentary to respect our identities and roots as well as the cultural and traditional values of others. In the context of place-making and informing new narratives, a strong sense of place builds the basis of a cohesive design dialectic that encourages critical thinking solutions.

Together, let us share this collective design language as we continue to re-consider, re-think and re-create new codes of aesthetics in the same direction – FORWARD.